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Developmental Edits
Line Edits

You have a solid story, now you're looking for the polish to make it a story readers won't be able to put down.

What does a line edit cover?

Once you have a solid story structure, it's time to dig deeper. I'll be reviewing the story's dialogue, pacing, tone, fact checking, and chapter hooks in a line edit. I'll also be focusing on writing craft: examining word choice, redundancy, overuse of adverbs or fillers, clunky passages, poor sentence structure.


What will you receive?

All line edits receive extensive edits via Tracked Changes and in-line comments as well as an email that covers why changes were made and any bigger plot or character issues that might need addressing.


*Please note,* line edits are not copy edits. It is still strongly recommended to hire a copy editor and proofreader after the line edits process. 


Let's chat! Line edits vary from project to project. Starting rate is 0.015/per word. For a customized quote, please email me.

There's nothing more satisfying than typing 'The End.' But that's just the first step in the publication process. A developmental edit is perfect for authors looking for an extensive review and breakdown of the mechanics of their story.


What does a developmental edit cover?

In a developmental or content edit, I look at big picture items of like structure, point of view (POV), internal and external conflict, plot holes, and showing vs. telling.


What will you receive?

All developmental edits receive in-line comments as well as a edit letter that thoroughly covers what works, what doesn't, and suggestions on how to address those areas.



 $0.009/word (up to 100,00 words)


The Bee's Knees Editing Package

If you're looking to book both a developmental and a line edit for one manuscript, there is a 10% discount at the time of booking. This package ensures you have a spot on my editorial calendar without needing to wait.

How does this process work?

First, I want to hear more about your project and timeline. Please email me for a customized quote. Once we decide to move forward, I'll deliver developmental edits by an agreed upon deadline, then once the author has finished implementing those changes, line edits will begin. Clients will always have first first pick at my editorial calendar to try to accommodate an author's production schedule.

Additional Author Services
Promotional Materials

Indie romance authors, are you looking for an extra pair of eyes for all of your promotional materials? The Bee's Knees Editorial offer edits on blog plots, newsletters, press releases, chapter samples, and website copy.


Email me for more information and rates.

Series Bibles

Can't remember if your hero has blue eyes or green eyes? Do you have a heroine who's characterization keeps changing from book to book? Let me help you keep the details for your series straight with a series bible. I will closely read and organize details for reference so you can do what's most important - writing that next book!

Email me for more information and rates.

Beta Reads

Looking for something a little less intensive than a developmental edit? I offer paid beta reading services for full and partial manuscripts. Whether you're stuck and need help trying to figure out which direction to go next, or if you're just looking for an extra pair of critical eyes to review the bigger elements of your story, this service is for you. You'll receive an edit letter that goes over what works, what doesn't, and suggestions on how to work out the manuscript's weaknesses.


Rate: $0.004/per word

Let's Get Started!

Submission Guidelines and Process
  • Use the Contact page or email me about your project. Please include word count, romance sub-genre, and your production timeline. I do offer free sample edits to those interested to see if we're a good fit.

  • A $100 deposit payable via PayPal is required at the time of booking to secure your date on my editorial calendar. This deposit is nonrefundable.

  • All manuscripts should  be submitted as a Word document. I will use Track Changes and Comments in Word while editing.

  • I will invoice via PayPal once I receive the manuscript. Payment must be made in full before I return the final edit.

  • **Have we already agreed upon a date and you need to push it back?** No problem, but please let me know ASAP so I can accommodate other projects. There will be a $50 charge to reschedule your project. This rescheduling fee will be included in the final invoice.